Notice of Annual General Meeting - 3rd May 2017

The STCC will hold its rescheduled Annual General Meeting at the New Sydney Hotel, Bathurst St Hobart on Wednesday, 3rd May at 6pm.

All current financial members of the club are invited to attend the meeting which will have the following agenda items:

- confirmation of the minutes from the 2016 AGM
- presentation of the President's annual report
- presentation of the Treasurer's annual report
- election of club officers and general committee persons
- appointment of the auditor for the 2017 financial year

The following positions are available for nomination prior to the meeting:

Vice-Presidents (x2)
Public Officer
General committee members (x2)

As per our constitution, nominations must be made in writing by two financial members of the club, accompanied by the consent of the candidate. An email thread supporting the nomination and consent will suffice and can be forwarded to the public officer at the following address: 

Written nominations will be accepted until Monday, 1st May 2017. The following rules apply to the written election of candidates:
- If only one candidate is nominated for a position, that person will be considered elected
- If more than one candidate is nominated for a position, a ballot will be held at the AGM
- If no written nominations are received for a position, nominations will be sought at the AGM and a ballot held

A copy of the 2016 AGM minutes are attached for your reference.

STCC Committee