Aggregate Points Table

Points are awarded and totalled using rider attendance and success in selected races throughout the year. Prizes will be awarded to the top three riders across the series.

Points calculation:
All competitors and marshals receive 2 pts per event
The following additional points will be awarded depending on the type of race:

1st place = 2 points
2nd place = 1 point
3rd place = 1 point
1st unplaced rider in each grade/group = 1 point

Graded Scratch Races
1st place in grade = 2 points
2nd place in grade = 1 point
3rd place in grade = 1 point

Time Trials
Fastest time (age standard) = 2 points
2nd fastest time (age standard)  = 1 point
3rd fastest time (age standard)  = 1 point
Beat Age Standard time = 1 point

The table will be available on the website after each qualifying event so that you can check your standing. Names on the left hand side of the table are in order of points descending.